Aldabrachelys grandidieri Vaillant, 1885:876

Madagascan giant tortoise, Grandidier's giant tortoise



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Emys gigantea Grandidier, 1868:1167; Testudo grandidieri Vaillant, 1885:876; Testudo madagascariensis Rothschild, 1915; Geochelone grandidieri Loveridge & Williams, 1957; Dipsochelys grandidieri Bour, 1980; Dipsochelys grandidieri Bour, 1982


Conservation Status


Last record: c. 884 AD


A report of a tortoise from Madagascar during the 1940's could conceivably refer to this species (Decary, 1950).





Biology & Ecology







Above: A specimen housed in the British Museum of Natural History, formerly on display. ©1984 Simon Tonge. Reproduced with permission.



Original scientific description:

Vaillant, M. L. (1885). Remarques complémentaires sur les tortues gigantesques de Madagascar. Comptes Rendus Hebd. Séanc. Adad. Sc. Paris 100: 874-877.


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