Aldabrachelys abrupta Grandidier, 1868

Madagascan giant tortoise, Madagascar giant tortoise



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Testudo abrupta Grandidier, 1868; Geochelone abrupta Pritchard, 1967; Asterochelys (?) abrupta Bour, 1980; Dipsochelys abrupta Bour, 1982; Dipsochelys abrupta Grandidier, 1868


Conservation Status


Last record: c. 1200 AD


A report of a tortoise from Madagascar during the 1940's could conceivably refer to this species (Decary, 1950).





Biology & Ecology

Collagen values (Joseph & Seymour, 2022).



A single skull is known. Other material may be extant, however.






Original scientific description:

Grandidier, A. 1868. Sur les découvertes zoologiques faites récemment à Madagascar. Ann. Sc. Nat. Zool. Paris 10: 375-378.


Other references:

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