Thermozodium esakii Rahm, 1937

The Mesotardigrade



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Extinct if valid

Last record: 1937



hot spring near Nagasaki, Japan












Original scientific description:

Rahm, G. (1937). A new ordo of tardigrades from the hot springs of Japan (Furu-yu Section, Unzen). Annot. Zool. Japon 16(4): 345-352.


Other references:

Grothman, Gary T., Johansson, Carl, Chilton, Glen, Kagoshima, Hiroshi, Tsujimoto, Megumu and Suzuki, Atsushi C. (2017). Gilbert Rahm and the Status of Mesotardigrada Rahm, 1937. Zoological Science 34(1): 5-10.

Noda, Hirokuni. (1997). Does Thermozodium esakii Exist? Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology 2: 13-15. (in Japanese)

Suzuki, Atsushi C., Kagoshima, Hiroshi, Chilton, Glen, Grothman, Gary T., Johansson, Carl and Tsujimoto, Megumu. (2017). Meiofaunal Richness in Highly Acidic Hot Springs in Unzen-Amakusa National Park, Japan, Including the First Rediscovery Attempt for Mesotardigrada. Zoological Science 34(1): 11-17.


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