Phalacrocorax kenyoni (Siegel-Causey, 1991:5)

Kenyon's shag, Amchitka cormorant



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Stictocarbo kenyoni Siegel-Causey, 1991:5 (original combination)


This species was tentatively synonymized with the extant P. pelagicus by (Rohwer et al. 2000) on the grounds that the three type specimens seem to belong to the latter species. However, they also found that at least some of the characters originally used by (Siegel-Causey, 1991) to diagnose P. kenyoni are also present in P. urile.


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)

Last record: 22 February 1959



Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands (far western)


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: USNM 431164

Type locality: "Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island, Alaska" (Siegel-Causey, 1991:5)



UWBM 18613

UWBM 18614


The three type specimens of this species are recent specimens collected on 15 September 1957 (the two paratypes) and 22 February 1959 (the holotype). The remains of this species were also found in middens on Amchitka Island, one of the far western Aleutian Islands, between Russia and Alaska (Siegel-Causey, 1991).






Original scientific description:

Siegel-Causey, D. (1991). Systematics and biogeography of North Pacific shags, with a description of a new species. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas 140: 1-17.


Other references:

Collar, N. J., Crosby, M. J. and Stattersfield, A. J. (1994) Birds To Watch 2: The World List of Threatened Birds (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 4). Cambridge, U.K.: BirdLife International.

Rohwer, Sievert, Filardi, Christopher E., Bostwick, Kimberly S. and Peterson, A. Townsend. (2000). A critical evaluation of Kenyon's Shag Phalacrocorax (stictocarbo) kenyoni. Auk 117(2): 308-320.


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