Tyto neddi Steadman & Hilgartner, 1999:76



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Considered a synonym of T. noeli by (Suárez & Olson, 2015; Orihuela, 2019).


Conservation Status

Last record: Late Quaternary



Barbuda, Lesser Antillean Islands


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Steadman, David W. and William B. Hilgartner. (1999). A New Species of Extinct Barn Owl (Aves: Tyto) from Barbuda, Lesser Antilles. In: Olson, Storrs L., editor. Avian Paleontology at the Close of the 20th Century: Proceedings of the 4th International Meeting ofthe Society ofAvian Paleontology and Evolution, Washington, D.C., 4-7 June 1996. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 89: 75-83.


Other references:

Orihuela, Johanset. (2019). An annotated list of late Quaternary extinct birds of Cuba. Ornitología Neotropical 30: 57-67.

Suárez, William and Olson, Storrs L. (2015). Systematics and distribution of the giant fossil barn owls of the West Indies (Aves: Strigiformes: Tytonidae). Zootaxa 4020(3): 533-553.



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