Tasidyptes hunteri van Tets & O'Conner, 1983

Hunter Island penguin



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

This species was previously considered possibly invalid (Fordyce & Jones, 1990), and is now evidently invalid (Cole et al., 2017).


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)

Last record: c.1250 AD



Hunter Island, Tasmania, Australia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

van Tets, Gerry F. and O'Conner, S. (1983). The Hunter Island penguin, an extinct new genus and species from a Tasmanian Midden. Records of the Queen Victoria Museum 81: 1-13.


Other references:

Cole, Theresa L., Waters, Jonathan M., Shepherd, Lara D., Rawlence, Nicolas J., Joseph, Leo and Wood, Jamie R. (2017). Ancient DNA reveals that the ‘extinct’ Hunter Island penguin (Tasidyptes hunteri) is not a distinct taxon. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. doi: [Abstract]

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