Varanus zugorum Böhme & Ziegler, 2005



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: December 1980 (Weijola, 2010:21)


"This is the only species which was not observed during fieldwork. It appears to be almost completely unknown by locals, and only two reasonably reliable local eyewitness accounts were collected, in Akesahu (lower western side of Kao Bay) and Labi Labi (northeast Halmahera). Searches and interviews around the type locality Pasir Putih were unproductive. The holotype was collected in December 1980 by a villager, so further details from the initial discovery remain unknown (Adam Messer, pers. comm. 2008)."

(Weijola, 2010:21)



Halmahera, Maluku Islands, Indonesia


Biology & Ecology










Weijola, Valter S-Å. (2010). Geographical Distribution and Habitat Use of Monitor Lizards of the North Moluccas. Biawak 4(1): 7-23.


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