Varanus hooijeri Brongersma, 1958



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: Holocene (Turvey et al., 2017)



Flores & Sumba, Indonesia.


Biology & Ecology

The bunodont teeth indicate that V. hooijeri was a frugivore (i.e. fruit eater) (Turvey et al., 2017).









Original scientific description:

Brongersma, L. D. (1958). On an extinct species of the genus Varanus (Reptilia, Sauria) from the island of Flores. Zoologische Mededelingen 36(7): 113-125.


Other references:

Pianka, Eric R., King, Dennis and King, Ruth Allen. (2004). Varanoid Lizards of the World. Indiana University Press. [p. 57]

Turvey, Samuel T. et al. (2017). Quaternary vertebrate faunas from Sumba, Indonesia: implications for Wallacean biogeography and evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284(1861): 20171278.


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