Strophurus michaelseni (Werner, 1910:460)

Robust striped gecko



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Diplodactylus michaelseni Werner, 1910:460 (basionym); Oedurella michaelseni (Werner, 1910:460)


Conservation Status


IUCN RedList status: Least Concern



Western Australia, Australia


Biology & Ecology

"Ecology: open heath, terrestrial, nocturnal; oviparous, arthropod-feeder, in clumps of spinifex."

(Cogger et al., 1983:82)



Holotype: ZMB 21430 (Cogger et al., 1983:82)

Type locality: "Denham, Shark Bay, W.A." (Cogger et al., 1983:82)






Original scientific description:

Werner, F. (1910). Reptilia (Geckonidae und Scincidae). In: Michaelsen, W. and Hartmeyer, R. (eds.). Die Fauna Südwest-Australiens. Jena: Gustav Fischer 2: 451-493.


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