Nactus sp. nov. #1



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

"two undescribed subfossil species from Rodrigues (E. N. Arnold, J.J. Austin and C. G. Jones, unpublished observations)" (Arnold & Bour, 2008)


Conservation Status



"Rodrigues is now known to have also harboured two endemic Nactus geckos and two endemic geckos of unknown affinity. Rats were a scourge to the earliest visitors on Rodrigues and probably accounted for the extinction of all of the endemic lizards on mainland Rodrigues"

(Cheke & Hume, 2008:242)



Rodrigues, Mascarene Islands


Biology & Ecology










Arnold, E. Nicholas and Bour, Roger. (2008). A new Nactus gecko (Gekkonidae) and a new Leiolopisma skink (Scincidae) from La Réunion, Indian Ocean, based on recent fossil remains and ancient DNA sequence. Zootaxa 1705: 40-50. [p. 41]

Cheke, Anthony and Hume, Julian Pender. (2008). Lost Land of the Dodo. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. 464 pp. [p. 242]

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