Celestus fowleri (Schwartz, 1971:3)

Fowler's galliwasp, Bromeliad galliwasp,, Bromeliad forest lizard, Bromeliad-inhabiting galliwasp (proposed)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Diploglossus fowleri Schwartz, 1971:3 (original combination)


Conservation Status


Last record: 15 August 1970 or later

IUCN RedList status: Data Deficient



Cockpit Country (karst region), Jamaica (north-western)


Biology & Ecology

Fowler's galliwasp (Celestus fowleri) appears to have been last recorded when the holotype was collected, by Danny C. Fowler, on 15 August 1970. As the type specimens were both found in connection with bromeliads, Schwartz (1971:9) put forward the hypothesis that it is a bromeliad-inhabiter. No mention is made of the circumstances of collection of the other extant specimens, which implies that either they are consistent with the hypothesis of bromeliad-habitation (i.e. also collected from bromeliads), or the exact details were unknown to Albert Schwartz in 1971.



Holotype: MCZ 125601 [ex ASFS V19902] (adult female)

Type locality: "Windsor, elevation about 500 feet (153 meters), Trelawny Parish, Jamaica" (Schwartz, 1971:3)

Paratype: ASFS 14421 (juvenile)


Other specimens:

Schwartz (1971:2) noted that other specimens were extant, collected in 1967 by Richard Thomas, and Robert Brenner and Paul Moravec, and housed in the Albert Schwartz Field Series (ASFS). However, no figure is given to indicate the extent of the species' hypodigm, although use of the plural "specimens" indicates that at least two more individuals were preserved.






Original scientific description:

Schwartz, Albert. (1971). A new species of bromeliad inhabiting galliwasp (Sauria: Anguidae) from Jamaica. Breviora 371: 1-10.


Other references:

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