Necromys conifer Ameghino, 1889



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Senior synonym of Necromys benefactus (=Akodon benefactus), but the latter is widely used instead.


Conservation Status

Last record: Late Pleistocene?















Original scientific description:

Ameghino, F. (1889). Contribución al conocimiento de los mamíferos fósiles de la República Argentina [Contribution to the knowledge of the fossil mammals of the Argentine Republic]. Actas de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias de la República Argentina en Córdoba 6:xxxii-1027


Other references:

Jayat, J. Pablo, D’Elía, Guillermo, Ortiz, Pablo E. and Teta, Pablo. (2016). A new species of the rodent genus Necromys Ameghino (Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae: Akodontini) from the Chaco Serrano grasslands of northwestern Argentina. Journal of Mammalogy 97(5): 1321-1335. [Abstract]


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