Ctenomys magellanicus dicki Osgood, 1943

Dick's tuco tuco



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 1943 or before



Riesco Island, Chile


Biology & Ecology




Dick's Tuco Tuco (Ctenomys magellanicus dicki) is known only from the type series collected by Osgood (Osgood, 1943; Miller et al. 1983).






Original scientific description:

Osgood, W. H. (1943). The mammals of Chile. Zool. Series Field Museum Natural History 30: 1-268.


Other references:

Glade, A. A. (ed.). (1988). Libro rojo de los vertebrados terrestres de Chile. Corporación Nacional Forestal, Santiago.

Miller, S. D., Rottmann, J., Raedeke, K. J., & Taber, R. D. (1983). Endangered mammals of Chile: status and conservation. Biological Conservation 25(4): 335-352.


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