Castoroides leiseyorum Morgan & White, 1995



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: c.9,000 BC



southeastern United States






SC75.33.1 (cranium)






Original scientific description:

Morgan, G. S. and White, J. A. (1995). Small Mammals (Insectivora, Lagomorpha, and Rodentia) from the Early Pleistocene (Irvingtonian) Leisey Shell Pit Local Fauna, Hillsborough County, Florida. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History 37(II)13: 397-461.


Other references:

Parmalee, P. W. and Graham, R. W. (2002). Additional records of the giant beaver, Castoroides, from the Mid-South: Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology (93): 65-71. [automatic download]

Plint, Tessa. (2016). Giant Beaver (Castoroides) Palaeoecology Inferred from Stable Isotopes. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. Paper 4236. [Abstract]


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