Rattus/Komodomys sp. nov. 'Timor'



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rattus sp. nov. B (Turvey, 2009:55); 'Large Komodomys' (Louys et al., 2023)


A potentially distinct, undescribed species of either Rattus (e.g. Turvey, 2009:55) or Komodomys (e.g. Louys et al., 2023) that is larger-bodied than Rattus/"Komodomys" timorensis (Louys et al., 2023).


Conservation Status

Extinct if distinct (Louys et al., 2023)

Last record: ca. 1175 cal BP (Louys et al., 2023)





Biology & Ecology










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