Pseudomys basalticus Fraser & Wells, 2006:152

Basalt plains mouse



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Pseudomys sp. (Basalt Plains Mouse)


P. basalticus is a nomen nudum (Reed & Bourne, 2009:30). Specimens previously referred to Pseudomys sp. (Basalt Plains Mouse)/P. basalticus fall within P. auritus which was only resurrected in around 2008 (Medlin, 2008; Reed & Bourne, 2009:30).


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym of P. auritus)

Last record: Holocene


The species may have been abundant in the recent past (Wakefield, 1964a,b).



Victoria, Australia


Biology & Ecology

This species inhabited the basalt plains of western and southeastern Victoria, Australia.









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