Notomys magnus Vakil et al., 2023

Large hopping-mouse



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: c.8.5 ka (Price et al., 2020)



Broken River Region, northeastern Queensland, Australia


Anatomy & Morphology



Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Vakil, Vikram, Cramb, Jonathan, Price, Gilbert J., Webb, Gregory E. and Louys, Julien. (2023). Conservation implications of a new fossil species of hopping-mouse, Notomys magnus sp. nov. (Rodentia: Muridae), from the Broken River Region, northeastern Queensland. Alcheringa.


Other references:

Price, Gilbert J., Cramb, Jonathan, Louys, Julien, Travouillon, Kenny J., Pease, Eleanor M. A., Feng, Yue-xing, Zhao, Jian-xin and Irvin, Douglas. (2020). Late Quaternary fossil vertebrates of the Broken River karst area, northern Queensland, Australia. In Papers in Honour of Ken Aplin, Louys, J., O’Connor, S. & Helgen, K.M., eds. Records of the Australian Museum 72(5): 193-206.


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