Hystrix brachyura punungensis Van Weers, 2003

Punung porcupine (proposed)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 80,000 yBP (Long et al. 1996)



Java, Indonesia


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: SMF/PA/F6639 ("Fragment of the right ramus mandibularis")






Original scientific description:

van Weers, D. J. (2003). The porcupine Hystrix (Acanthion) brachyura punungensis subsp. nov. from Late Pleistocene fissure deposits near Punung, Java. Scripta Geol. 126: 217-225.


Other references:

Long, V. T., Vos, J. de and Ciochon, R. L. (1996). The fossil mammal fauna of the Lang Trang Caves, Vietnam, compared with southeast Asian fossil and recent mammal faunas: the geographical implications. Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Bulletin 14 (Chiang Mai Papers 1): 101-109.

van Weers, D. J. (2005). A taxonomic revision of the Pleistocene Hystrix (Hystricidae, Rodentia) from Eurasia with notes on the evolution of the family. Contributions to Zoology 74(3-4): 301-312.


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