Brachytarsomys mahajambaensis Mein et al. 2010

Mahajamba Bay antsangy1



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Brachytarsomys mahajambaensis was described by (Mein et al. 2010) and is the smallest known member of the genus thus far discovered.


The common name for this species was proposed by Peter Maas:1

"The specific name, mahajambaensis, refers to Mahajamba Bay and the other members of the genus Brachytarsomys are called Antsangy (White-tailed Antsangy and Hairy-tailed Antsangy). So it seemed logical to name this species the Mahajamba Bay Antsangy."


Conservation Status


Last record: late Holocene (Michielsen et al., 2023)





Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Mein, P., Sénégas, F., Gommery, D., Ramanivoso, B., Randrianantenaina, H. and Kerloc'h, P. (2010). Nouvelles espèces subfossiles de rongeurs du Nord-Ouest de Madagascar. Comptes Rendus Palevol 9(3): 101-112.


Other references:

Goodman, S. M. & Jungers, W. L. Extinct Madagascar: Picturing the island’s past. (University of Chicago Press, 2014).

Michielsen, Nathan M., Goodman, Steven M., Soarimalala, Voahangy, van der Geer, Alexandra A. E., Dávalos, Liliana M., Saville, Grace I., Upham, Nathan and Valente, Luis. (2023). The macroevolutionary impact of recent and imminent mammal extinctions on Madagascar. Nature Communications 14: 14. [Supplementary Data 1 (mammal list); Supplementary Data 6 (references)]


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