Ranunculus acriformis aestivalis L.D.Benson (1948:43)

Fall buttercup, Autumn buttercup




Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Ranunculus acris var. aestivalis (L.D.Benson) S.L.Welsh in Great Basin Naturalist 46: 260 (1986); Ranunculus aestivalis (L.D.Benson) Van Buren & K.T.Harper in Amer. J. Bot. 81: 518 (1994)


Conservation Status

Last record: 29 August 1948 (Welsh et al., 1975:367)

Rediscovered on 23 August 1982 by Kathryn Mutz (USFWS, 1991:1)



Garfield County, Utah, USA


Biology & Ecology










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