Cyanoramphus malherbi Souancé, 1857

Orange-fronted parakeet, Malherbe's parakeet, kākāriki karaka (Māori)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

A complete synonymy taken from (Checklist Committee (OSNZ), 2022:199):

Cyanoramphus Malherbi Souancé, 1857: Revue Mag. Zool. 9 (2nd series): 98 – “unknown locality” = South Island (fide Mathews & Iredale 1913, Ibis 1 (10th series): 426).; Platycercus malherbii (Souancé); G.R. Gray, 1862: Ibis 4: 229. Unjustified emendation.; Platycercus alpinus Buller, 1869: Ibis 5 (new series): 39 – high country of the South Island.; Cyanorhamphus alpinus (Buller); Reichenow 1881, Journ. für Ornith. 29: 44.; Cyanorhamphus auriceps Malherbi (Souancé); Reichenow 1881, Journ. für Ornith. 29: 44.; Cyanorhamphus malherbei (Souancé); Hutton 1904, Index Faunae N.Z.: 29. Unjustified emendation.; Cyanoramphus malherbi Souancé; Mathews & Iredale 1913, Ibis 1 (10th series): 426.; Cyanoramphus auriceps auriceps; Checklist Committee 1990, Checklist Birds N.Z.: 179. Not Psittacus auriceps Kuhl, 1820.


Conservation Status

Rediscovered twice



New Zealand


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Souancé, Charles de.; Blanchard, Emile; Bonaparte, Charles Lucian; Saint-Hilaire, Alexandre Bourjot; Vaillant, François Le. (1857). Iconographie des perroquets : non-figurés dans les publications de Levaillant et de M. Bourjot Saint-Hilaire. Paris: P. Bertrand. p. 48.


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