Stenosemus simplicissimus (Thiele, 1906:335)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last (and only) record: 1906 or before (Schwabe, 2008 [by implication])

Rediscovered (Gutt et al., 2000 fide Schwabe, 2008) on 3 April 2000 (Schwabe, 2008) or ealier


Distribution & Habitat

Cape of Good Hope & Southern Ocean

Type locality: "South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Deutsche Tiefsee-Expedition St. 113: 34°33.3'S 18°21.2'E, 318 m" (Schwabe, 2008:72)


Anatomy & Morphology



Biology & Ecology




Holotype: ZMB Moll 59908 (partly disarticulated) (Schwabe, 2008:72)






Original scientific description:

Thiele, J. (1906). Über die Chitonen der deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition. Wiss. Ergebn. dt. Tiefsee Exp. 9 (2): 325-336, pl. 29.


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