Tachybaptus rufolavatus Delacour, 1932:2

Alaotra grebe, Delacour's grebe



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last records: December 1982 (Butchart et al., 2018b); September 1985 ("Thompson, 1987" & Hawkins et al., 2000 fide Butchart et al., 2018b; Tyrberg, 2009:71 [as 1985]); 1986 (possibly hybrids) (Hawkins et al., 2000 fide Butchart et al., 2018b); 1988 (Thompson, et al. 2019); 1988 (unconfirmed) (Hawkins et al., 2000 fide Butchart et al., 2018b)

IUCN RedList status: Extinct





Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Delacour, J. (1932). Les oiseaux de la mission zoologique Franco-anglo-américain à Madagascar. Oiseau et la Revue Française d'Ornithologie NS2(2): 1-96.


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