Paspalum batianoffii B.K.Simon, 1992:598

Batianoff's paspalum grass



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Paspalum sp. 'Statue Bay' (G.N. Batianoff 651) [used by Thomas & McDonald, 1987]; Paspalum sp. 1 (Statue Bay) [used by Briggs & Leigh, 1988]; Paspalum batianoffi B.K.Simon, 1992:598


"Sound (but only known from a single spikelet; closest affinity to P. vaginatum, from which it appears to differ in its robust stolons, characters relating to spikelets)"

(Silcock et al., 2019:SM:8)


Conservation Status

Missing (Silcock et al., 2019:SM:8 [as 'Possibly extant']) or Extinct (Albani Rocchetti et al., 2022)

Last record: 8 September 1977 (Simon, 1992:600)


Distribution & Habitat

Statue Bay Beach, Port Curtis district, Central Queensland

Type locality: "Queensland. Port Curtis District: Statue Bay Beach, 6.5km SE of Yeppoon" (Simon, 1992:598)


"Coastal foredune, on beach just above high tide mark, under Casuarina equisetifolia"

(Silcock et al., 2019:SM:8)


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Simon, B. K. (1992). Studies in Australian Grasses 5. New species of and new combinations for Queensland Panicoid grasses. Austrobaileya 3(4): 585-607.


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