Carex wahuensis herbstii T. Koyama

Herbst's sedge



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Missing (Wagner et al., 1999; Wood et al., 2019); "extinct or missing" (Suckling et al., 2004)

Last record: 1994 (Price, 2004; Suckling et al., 2004:48/63); 1995 (USFWS, 2003; Wood et al., 2019) [could not be verified by Suckling et al., 2004:48/63]


"Carex wahuensis ssp. herbstii is known only from a small cliff face leeward of the main spine of the Koolau Range, Oahu, Hawaii. It is listed as possibly extinct by Wagner et al. 1999. It was collected by Perlman and Obata in 1992 and Perlman in 1994. A 2003 USFWS database suggests that it was last seen in 1995, but provides no further information. We have been unable to verify the sighting thus regard 1994 as the last reliable observation."

(Suckling et al., 2004)



Moanalua Valley, Oʻahu, Hawaiian Islands, USA


Biology & Ecology










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