Alloperla roberti Surdick, 1981

Robert's Stonefly


Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 1860

IUCN RedList status: Extinct


B. D. Walsh, inaugural state entomologist of Illinois, collected two Alloperla specimens from Rock Island in 1860. These were assigned as paratypes to Alloperla banksi in 1942 by T. H. Frison in his description of the aforementioned species, but recognized as a new species by R. D. Surdick in 1980, and the paper describing them was published in 1981 (Surdick, 1981; but see Webb & DeWalt, 1997). No further specimens have been acquired despite at least 1 specific expedition carried out by (Webb & DeWalt, 1997) who searched 43 sites in 5 different counties. Given such a thorough genus-specific search (see Ibid. for search methods), a lack of any further records of this species post-1860 is almsot certainly reflective of its extinction, especially given the fact that
[i]"streams in the region were so heavily impacted due to widespread logging, mining, row crop agriculture, and urban sprawl that sensitive species  of aquatic insects were limited to springheads and springbrooks, and to a very few streams receiving surface drainage."[/i]
(Webb & DeWalt, 1997:1)



Rock Island, Illinois, USA





Holotype: MCZT 32559 (male)
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Original scientific description:
Surdick, R. F. (1981).  New Nearctic Chloroperlidae (Plecoptera). Great Basin Naturalist  41: 349-359.


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