Allocapnia warreni Ross & Yamamoto, 1966

Arkansas snowfly



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1966 or before 


Only known from the holotype, a male.



along Clear Creek, Washington County, Arkansas, USA






Only known from the holotype, a male.






Original scientific description:

Ross, H. H. and Yamamoto, T. (1966). Two new sister species of the winter stonefly, genus Allocapnia (Plecoptera, Capniidae). Entomol. News (67?): 265-267.*


* The exact volume in which this species was described is somewhat of a mystery. I have examined five different references of the paper, of which four cite different volume no.'s: 27, 57, 67 and 77. How a single reference can be cited so differently in various publications is quite simply beyond me. Since "67" is quoted twice amongst the five instances of referring to this paper which I can find, I have chosen to go with this number, placing it in brackets with a question mark after the number to alert the reader to the fact that it is disputed.


Other references:

DeWalt, R. E., U. Neu-Becker and G. Stueber. (2012). Allocapnia warreni. Plecoptera Species File Online. Version 1.0/4.1. [Accessed 13 May 2012]. (


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