Isoodon sp. nov. 'Queensland'



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Isoodon sp. 2 (Price et al., 2020:197)


Conservation Status


Last record: c.8.5ka?


Price et al. (2020) list "Isoodon sp. 2" as being recovered from both Beehive cave (c.8.5ka) and Big Ho cave (c.165ka) in Table 1, but state in the faunal accounts that they only recorded it from the older Big Ho cave site. I interpret this to mean that previous excavations have found the species from the Holocene-age Beehive cave, rather than a duplication error since both the NISP and MNI for the taxon differ between the two sites in Table 1.



northern Queensland, Australia


Anatomy & Morphology



Biology & Ecology










Price, Gilbert J., Cramb, Jonathan, Louys, Julien, Travouillon, Kenny J., Pease, Eleanor M. A., Feng, Yue-xing, Zhao, Jian-xin and Irvin, Douglas. (2020). Late Quaternary fossil vertebrates of the Broken River karst area, northern Queensland, Australia. In Papers in Honour of Ken Aplin, Louys, J., O’Connor, S. & Helgen, K.M., eds. Records of the Australian Museum 72(5): 193-206.


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