Chaeropus ecaudatus occidentalis Gould, 1845:10

Western pig-footed bandicoot, Eastern chaeropus (used by Krefft, 1866:12), woda, boda, boodal (Noongar), bertie (WA)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Chaeropus occidentalis Gould, 1845:10 (basionym)


Conservation Status


Last record: 1843 (Travouillon et al., 2019); 1927 (Rawlinna; unconfirmed) (Frith, 1979:306)



South Australia (extreme south-western) & Western Australia (southern half), Australia

Type locality: "Walyormouring nr. Goomalling, W.A. (as Walyemara district about 45 miles north-east of the Townsite of Northam) and 40 miles NE of Northam. W.A., white gum forest" (Mahoney & Ride, 1988:36)


Biology & Ecology





BMNH (female; skin & skull) (Mahoney & Ride, 1988:36)

LIVCM Derby Coll. Cat. (Mahoney & Ride, 1988:36)







Original scientific description:

Gould, John. (1845). The Mammals of Australia. Part 1. London: Self published.


Other references:

NB: all of the references below relate to Chaeropus spp., but may not relate to this taxon.

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