Eximacris phenax Otte, 1984:165

Big cedar grasshopper



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

 A synonym of Trimerotropis maritima (Otte, 2009).


Conservation Status

Invalid: synonym of Trimerotropis maritima (Otte, 2009).


Known from a single specimen collected from the type locality (Kiamichi Mountains, Oklahoma).



Kiamichi Mountains, Oklahoma, USA


Biology & Ecology




Known from a single specimen.






Original scientific description:

Otte, Daniel. (1984). North American Grasshoppers, Vol. II. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. 366 pp.

Other references:

Cook, S. P. (1998). Early-season survey for Eximacris phenax and E. superbum (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in southeastern Oklahoma. Final Report to The Nature Conservancy. 5p.

Otte, Daniel. (2009). New Status for the Grasshopper Genus Eximacris Otte 1984 (Orthopera: Acrididae). Entomological Society 135(4): 493.


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