Burmorthacris subaptera Kevan, Singh & Akbar, 1964



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 28 August 1937 (Sirichantakul et al., 2024)

Rediscovered in 2022 (Sirichantakul et al., 2024)


Distribution & Habitat

Myanmar (=Burma)


Anatomy & Morphology



Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Kevan, D. K. M., Singh, A. and Akbar, S. S. (1964). New Genus of Pyrgomorphidae (Orthoptera; Acrididae) from Burma. Notulae Naturae of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 363: 1-7.


Other references:

Sirichantakul, Kavee, Hmone, Zune Wit, Kyaw, Mar Lar and Thandar, Cho. (2024). Myanmar endemic Burmorthacris subaptera Kevan, Singh et Akbar, 1964 (Pyrgomorphidae: Orthacridini) rediscovered after 85 years. Zootaxa 5406(3): 481-486.


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