Sphaerolejeunea umbilicata Herzog (1938:88)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym of replacement name Lejeunea drehwaldii) (Heinrichs et al., 2012)


Originally known only from the type collection made in 1922 until it was rediscovered in 2001 (Reiner-Drehwald & Drehwald, 2002), prior to its transfer to the genus Lejeunea which resulted in it being a junior homonym of Lejeunea umbilicata (Nees) Nees, Lindenberg & Gottsche in Meyen (1843) and required a replacement name, Lejeunea drehwaldii (seeHeinrichs et al., 2012).



Colombia & Peru


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Herzog, Theodor. (1938). Sphaerolejeunea, eine neue Gattung der Lejeuneaceae Schizostipae. Annales Bryologici 11: 86-89.

Other references:

Heinrichs, Jochen et al. (2012). Sphaerolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Porellales) is a synonym of Lejeunea. Phytotaxa 69: 7-15.

Reiner-Drehwald, M. E. and Drehwald, U. (2002). Sphaerolejeunea umbilicata (Lejeuneaceae), a critically endangered epiphyllous liverwort of the Andes. The Bryologist 105(3): 422-430.[0422:SULACE]2.0.CO;2


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