Platyptilia hokowhitalis Hudson, 1939:430



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last (and only) record: 10 November 1889 (Hudson, 1939:430)


Only ever recorded once (Hudson, 1939:430; Stringer et al., 2012). Hudson's original description, 50 years after the only known specimen was collected, already noted that the species is "now possibly extinct" because the "forest is now non-existent and its site occupied by a portion of the town" (Hudson, 1939:430). Stringer et al. (2012:124) clarify that "the Manawatu swamp forest where P. hokowhitalis was collected is now reduced to a few small remnants". There are no observations of the species on iNaturalist.



Hokowhitu, Palmerston North, North Island, New Zealand (Hudson, 1939:430)


Biology & Ecology

"Reared from a shrubby Euphrasia (Scrophulariaceae)"

(Patrick & Dugdale, 200:29)



Holotype: AI.000533 (photo of specimen)






Original scientific description:

Hudson, G. V. (1939). A supplement to the butterflies and moths of New Zealand. Wellington: Ferguson & Osborn Ltd. [p. 430]


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