Zelandiscus elevata Climo, 1978



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Zelandiscus elevatus Climo, 1978 (emandation); Ptychodon elevata Climo, 1978; Solemia elevata Climo, 1978


Conservation Status



"Zelandiscus elevata has been collected, only, from detritus at the entrances of two caves in the Aorere Valley (Fig.  28). Most specimens are chalky but  many look as fresh as the semi-transparent shells of the still living species Rotadiscus takakaensis, so, Z. elevata may yet be found alive."

(Climo, 1989:633)



Aorere Valley, Nelson, South Island, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology




Type locality: "In yellow mud, entrance to Aorere Cave, Nelson." (Climo, 1989)



For a photograph of the holotype see:



Original scientific description:

Climo, F. M. (1978). Classification of New Zealand Arionacea (Mollusca: Pulmonata). A review of the New Zealand charopine snails with lamellate apertures. National Museum of  New Zealand records 1(12): 177-201.


Other references:

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