Succinea atollica Hertlein & Allison, 1968:10



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Extinct (Régnier et al., 2009; Cowie et al., 2017)

Last record: 1958 (Kaiser, 2007)


"Only two pulmonate land snails have been recorded: Opeas oparanum (Pfeiffer, 1846) and Succinea atollica Hertlein & Allison, 1968, the latter described from Île Clipperton. At present, neither species can be found on the island, although both species were common in 1958. I suggest that, perhaps, the land snail populations were negatively affected by the feral pigs and later, to the point of extinction, by the millions of land crabs. Although land snails were reportedly abundant in 1958 (Sachet, 1962), no subsequent expeditions have encountered them, either living or as empty shells."

(Kaiser, 2007:13)



Clipperton Island


Biology & Ecology




University of California Museum of Paleontology:

UCMP 37132

UCMP 37133

UCMP 37134

UCMP 37135


CAS Invertebrate Zoology (IZ):

CAS IZ63798






Original scientific description:

Hertlein, L. G. and Allison, E. C. (1968). Descriptions of new species of gastropods from Clipperton Island. Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Science 66: 1-33.

Other references:

Cowie, Robert H., Régnier, Claire, Fontaine, Benoît, and Bouchet, Philippe. (2017). Measuring the Sixth Extinction: what do mollusks tell us? The Nautilus 131(1): 3-41.

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