Samoana minuta Pfeiffer, 1857



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Samoana magdalinae Hartman (year?)


Conservation Status


Last record: 2000



Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

One of the following publications is the original description:

Pfeiffer, L. 1857a. Zur Fauna der Admiralitats-Inseln. Malakozool. Blatt. 3: 237-248.

Pfeiffer, L. 1857b (for 1856). Descriptions of fifty-eight new species of Helicea from the collection of H. Cuming, Esq. Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 24: 324-336.

Pfeiffer, L. 1857c (for 1856). Descriptions of eighteen new species of land-shells collected on the Admiralty Islands, from the collection of Mr. H. Cuming. Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 24: 381-385.

Pfeiffer, L. 1857d (for 1856). Descriptions of thirty-three new species of landshells from the collection of H. Cuming, Esq.Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 24: 385-392.

Pfeiffer, L. 1857e. Descriptions of Thirty-one New Species of Land-shells, from Mr. Cuming's Collection. Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 25: 107-113.

Pfeiffer, L. 1857f. Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet von Martini und Chemnitz. J.H. Casselis. 2nd ed 1(13)


Other references:

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