Placostylus ambagiosus gardneri Powell, 1951



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Invalid according to (Buckley et al., 2011).


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)



New Zealand


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Powell, A. W. B. (1951). On further colonies of Placostylus land snails from northernmost New Zealand. Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum 4: 134-140.


Other references:

T. R. Buckley; I. Stringer; D. Gleeson; R. Howitt; D. Attanayake; R. Parrish; G. Sherley; M. Rohan. (2011). A revision of the New Zealand Placostylus land snails using mitochondrial DNA and shell morphometric analyses, with implications for conservation. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 38(1): 55-81.


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