Delos gardineri (Smith, 1897)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rhytida gardineri Smith, 1897 (original combination)


Conservation Status

Missing (Cowie et al., 2017)

Last record: 1897 or before

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct)


Only known from two specimens (Smith, 1897). It was not found alive in the 1938 survey (St John, 1938:57; Barker & Bouchet, 2010), in mid-1986* (Parkinson, 1988), or in May 2012 (Brodie et al. 2012; Brodie et al. In Press). Considered extinct by (Régnier et al., 2009).


* According to (Brodie et al. 2012) this "relatively brief" survey was confined to the off-shore islet of Uea.



Rotuma Island, Rotuma Group, Fiji


Biology & Ecology




Only known from two dead shells, both syntypes:

NNHMUK 1897.11.8.64

NNHMUK 1897.11.8.65


Further material was possibly found by (Brodie et al. 2012:8,13), who recorded a tentatively identified juvenile. This was changed to two definite specimens in (Brodie et al. In Press:20,45).






Original scientific description:

Smith, E. A. (1897). On a collection of land and freshwater shells from Rotuma Island. Annals of Natural History (series 6) 20: 519-523.


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