Aukena endodonta Bouchet & Abdou, 2001

Toothed auken



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1934


Specimens of this species were collected in 1934, but not recognized as being a new species. The Gambier Islands were visited again in 1997, but only a single species of land snail was encountered. Given the fact that 99% of Aukena island's forest has been destroyed, the absence of this species is a very good indication that it is now sadly extinct.



Gambier Islands


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Bouchet, Philippe and Abdou, Ahmed. (2001). Recent Extinct Land Snails (Euconulidae) from the Gambier Islands with Remarkable Apertural Barriers. Pacific Science 55(2): 121-127.


Other references:

Cowie, Robert H., Régnier, Claire, Fontaine, Benoît, and Bouchet, Philippe. (2017). Measuring the Sixth Extinction: what do mollusks tell us? The Nautilus 131(1): 3-41.

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