Aphelocheirus kawamurae (Matsumura, 1915:104)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Aphelochirus takeuchii Esaki, 1934:26 [synonymised with A. kawamurae by (Miyamoto, 1973:571)]


Conservation Status


Last record: 1962


"The hemipteran Aphelocheirus kawamurae lived in the bottom of Lake Biwa as well as in the sandy bottom of the Lake Biwa Canal. Since the 1960's, it has never been found and is designated as Critically Endangered in the Red List of Japan's Ministry of the Environment (2017). As of little information on its ecology, the reason of its disappearance is unclear. But the major reason of the decrease of indigenous aquatic insects is considered to be the reclamation of the attached lakes or naiko, eutrophication, construction of levees on the shore and decrease of water levels in the long run since 1960's, and the summer drought caused by the water-level control since 1992." (Nishino, 2020:173)



Lake Biwa (southern), Shiga Prefecture, Honshu (west-central)


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Matsumura, S. (1915). Uebersicht der Wasser-Hemipteren von Japan und Formosa 1: 103-119. Entomological Magazine.


Other references:

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