Zapornia palmeri Frohawk, 1892:247

Laysan rail, Laysan crake, Spotless crake



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Porzana palmeri Frohawk, 1892:247; Porzanula palmeri Frohawk, 1892:247


Conservation Status


Last record: 15 November 1943 (Sand islet); June 1944 (Eastern islet; Fisher & Baldwin, 1946)

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Laysan Island, Hawaiian Islands, USA (see below)


Originally from Laysan Island, they were introduced to Sand and Eastern islets (both Midway Atoll) in 1891 and 1910 respectively (Day, 1981:92-93).


Biology & Ecology




[url=]RMNH 110.009[/url] (male)



Above: nest and eggs. Published in Fisher (1906). Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Above: chick in the nest. Published in Fisher (1906). Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Above: bird feeding on a seabird egg. Published in Fisher (1906). Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Above: a Laysan rail. Photo taken by Alfred M. Bailey in 1913. Source: Wikimedia Commons.




Original scientific description:

Frohawk, F. (1892). Description of a new species of rail from Laysan Island. Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist. 9: 247-249.


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