Lewinia pectoralis clelandi Mathews, 1911:189

Cleland's rail, Lewin's water rail, Western Australian Lewin's rail



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rallus pectoralis clelandi Mathews, 1911:189 (original combination); Dryolimnas pectoralis clelandi Mathews, 1911:189; Lewinia pectoralis clelandii Mathews, 1911:189


Conservation Status


Last record: December 1931 (specimen collected); October 1932 (sighting; Whittell, 1933)


The last confirmed sighting of Cleland's rail was at a swamp near Manjimup in the state's south-west in 1932 (Whittell, 1933; Burbidge & Blyth, 2008). But Lewin's rail's (Lewinia pectoralis) are notoriously elusive birds, and with some remaining habitat still present, the rediscovery of this subspecies is certainly possible.



south-west of Western Australia, Australia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Mathews, Gregory Macalister. (1911). Rallus pectoralis clelandi: Western slate-breasted rail, pp. 189-190. The Birds of Australia, volume 1, part 4. London: Witherby.


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