Lewinia muelleri (Rothschild, 1893:40)

Auckland rail, Auckland Islands rail, Auckland Island rail



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rallus brachipus; Travers 1883, Trans. Proc. N.Z. Inst. 15: 187. Not Rallus brachipus Swainson, 1838.; Rallus muelleri Rothschild, 1893: Bull. Brit. Ornith. Club 1(8): 40 – Auckland Island.; Hypotaenidia muelleri (Rothschild, 1893:40); Buller 1905, Suppl. Birds N.Z. 1: 42.; Rallus pectoralis muelleri (Rothschild, 1893:40); Checklist Committee 1953, Checklist N.Z. Birds: 39.; Dryolimnas pectoralis muelleri (Rothschild, 1893:40); Marchant & Higgins 1993, HANZAB 2: 529.; Dryolimnas muelleri (Rothschild, 1893:40); Holdaway et al. 2001, New Zealand Journ. Zool. 28(2): 132, 178.


Conservation Status

Last record: 1865?

Rediscovered in 1966

IUCN RedList status: Vulnerable



Auckland Islands / Maukahuka, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology




Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa:

OR.024502 (collected 22 November 1989)



Above: Auckland Island Rail, Lewinia muelleri, collected 22 November 1989, Maclaren Bay, Adams Island, New Zealand. CC BY 4.0. Te Papa (OR.024502)


Above: Auckland Island Rail, Lewinia muelleri, collected 22 November 1989, Maclaren Bay, Adams Island, New Zealand. CC BY 4.0. Te Papa (OR.024502)



Original scientific description:

Rothschild, Walter. (1893). "a new species of Rail". Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 1(8): 40-41.

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