Gallirallus minor (Hamilton, 1892)

Little weka



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Ocydromus minor Hamilton, 1892 (original combination)


Now considered a synonym of G. australis (Holdaway & Worthy, 1997:93; Ioane-Warren et al., 2023).


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)

Last record: Holocene



South Island, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology





NMNZ S.00987 (Ioane-Warren et al., 2023)

NMNZ S.00988 (Ioane-Warren et al., 2023)

NMNZ S.00989 (Ioane-Warren et al., 2023)






Original scientific description:

Hamilton, A. (1892). On the fissures and caves at Castle Rocks, Southland; with a description of the remains of the existing and extinct birds found in them. Trans. N.Z. Inst. 25 88-106.

Other references:

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