Hausknechtia leucosticta (Pat.) Tkalčec, J.-Q. Yan, C. Nie & C.K. Pradeep (2022)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Coprinus leucostictus Pat. (1917:61) (basionym)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1908

Since rediscovered (Nie et al., 2022)



China, India & Vietnam


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Patouillard, N. (1917). Quelques champignons du Tonkin. Bull. Trimest. Soc. Mycol. Fr. 33: 50-63.


Other references:

Nie, Chengfeng; Wang, S.-N.;Tkalˇcec, Z.; Yan, J.-Q.; Hu, Y.; Ge, Y.;Na, Q.; Zeng, H.; Ding, H.; Huo, G. et al. (2022). Coprinus leucostictus Rediscovered after a Century, Epitypified, and Its Generic Position in Hausknechtia Resolved by Multigene Phylogenetic Analysis of Psathyrellaceae. Diversity 14: 699.


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