Diploospora rosea Grove



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Diploöspora rosea Grove, 1916:220 (alternative presentation)


Conservation Status

Last record: 100+ years ago

Since rediscovered


"Nearly 100 years after its first discovery, Diploöspora rosea was detected on biologically damaged parchment paper in Rome, Italy and isolated from house dust collected in Micronesia."

(Tanney et al., 2015)



Italy & Micronesia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Grove, W. B. (1916). New or noteworthy fungi. Part V. J. Bot., Lond. 54: 220.


Other references:

Hughes, S. J. (1968). Diploospora. Canadian Journal of Botany 46(9): 1159-1160.

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Pinzari, Flavia and Gutarowska, Beata. (2021). Extreme Colonizers and Rapid Profiteers: The Challenging World of Microorganisms That Attack Paper and Parchment, pp. 79-113. In: Joseph, Edith (ed.). Microorganisms in the Deterioration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Tanney, Joey B., Nguyen, Hai D. T., Pinzari, Flavia and Seifert, Keith A. (2015). A century later: rediscovery, culturing and phylogenetic analysis of Diploöspora rosea, a rare onygenalean hyphomycete. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108: 1023-1035. [Abstract]


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