Trichonotus cyclograptus (Alcock, 1890)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 1890

Rediscovered in 2013



Bay of Bengal


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Alcock, A. W. (1890). On some undescribed shore-fishes from Bay of Bengal. Annals of Magazine of Natural History 6: 425-443.


Other references:

Katayama, E. H. Motomura and Endo, H. (2012). A new species of Trichonotus (Perciformes: Trichonotidae) from Somalia and redescription of Trichonotus cyclograptus (Alcock, 1890) with designation of lectotype. Zootaxa 3565: 31-43.

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Ray, Dipanjan, Mohapatra, Anil and Mishra, Subhendru Sekhar. (2018). Rediscovery of Trichonotus cyclograptus (Alcock, 1890) after 123 years: A sand diver fish species from Bay of Bengal. Indian Journal of Geo Marine Sciences 47(4): 802-803.

Roy, Sanmitra et al. (2019). First record of Bengal Sand diver, Trichonotus cyclograptus (Alcock, 1890) (Family: Trichonotidae) from southern part of East Coast, India. Rec. zool. Surv. India 119(4): 489-491.

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