Hyphessobrycon parvellus Ellis, 1911



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Extinct in the wild



Catu and Itapicuru rivers, Brazil (northeasterm)


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: FMNH 54392 (CM 3011)



13 paratypes from four Brazilian localities in the FMNH collection as well (Ibarra & Stewart, 1987).


Other material in museums:

MZUSP 59949 (1?)

UFBA 4309 (1?)

UFBA 2897 (Silva et al., 2020)

UFBA 3128 (Silva et al., 2020)

UFBA3334 (Silva et al., 2020)

UFBA 3418 (Silva et al., 2020)

UFBA 4320 (Silva et al., 2020)






Original scientific description:

Ellis, M. D. (1911). On the species of Hasemania, Hyphessobrycon, and Hemigrammus collected by J. D. Haseman for the Carnegie Museum. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 8(1, art. 2): 148-163.

Other references:

Ibarra, Myriam and Stewart, Donald J. (1987). Catalogue of type specimens of recent fishes in Field Museum of Natural History. Fieldiana Zoology (N. S.) 35:1-112.

Silva, André Teixeira et al. (2020). Freshwater fishes of the Bahia State, Northeastern Brazil. Biota Neotropica 20(4): e20200969.


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