Haplochromis antleter Mietes & Witte, 2010:204



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Haplochromis sp. nov. "Dusky Wine-red Fin" (used by Goldschmidt, 1989; Goldschmidt & de Visser, 1990; Goldschmidt, 1991; Witte et al. 1992; Seehausen & Witte, 1994; Seehausen & Witte, 1995; Witte & Seehausen, 1995; Seehausen et al. 1997); Haplochromis ‘dusky wine red fins’ (used by Seehausen & Witte, 1995); Haplochromis (Enterochromis) ‘dusky wine red fin’ (used by Witte et al., 2000; Kishe-Machumu et al. 2008)


Conservation Status


Last record: early 1980's

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct)



Lake Victoria, Tanzania


Biology & Ecology




BMNH (1+ specimen/s)



Freshly collected specimen from 1977:



Original scientific description:

De Zeeuw, M. P., Mietes, M., Niemantsverdriet, P., ter Huurne, S. and Witte, F. (2010). Seven new species of detritivorous and phytoplanktivorous haplochromines from Lake Victoria. Zoologische Medelingen Leiden 84: 201-250, figs 1-23, tables 1-7.


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