Chirostoma compressum de Buén, 1940



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Chirostoma grandocule compressum de Buen, 1940


Conservation Status


Last record: 1940 or earlier (Barbour, 1974)


The species may have become extinct in 1941 when its only known habitat, Lake Cuitzeo, dried up during the winter, and no further specimens appear to have been collected leading to it being considered extinct (Barbour, 1974; Soto-Galera et al., 1999). However, it is not listed by (Jelks et al., 2008; Burkhead, 2012) so its more recent status needs to be ascertained.



Lake Cuitzeo, Michoacán, Mexico (western)


Biology & Ecology




Only two specimens exist (or existed)






Original scientific description:

de Buén, F. (1940). Huevos, crias, larvas y jovenes de Chirostoma del Lago de Patzcuaro. Trab. Estac. Limnol. Patzcuaro 3: 1-14.

Other references:

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